Browsing Presets in Vital after Cloning it

Usually, I like to scroll over presets using the arrow buttons near the name of the preset and by filtering a specific creator or author and then going over each preset and finding the one I like
Then when I’m happy with what I found I’m cloning Vital and then Continuing the browse, and here are the problems:
The first one is when cloning vital the previous filters doesn’t appear in the new one, so let’s say I’m going over the presets I made, by filtering “user”

that doesn’t show up in the cloned vital, so I have to refilter myself
The second problem which is a bit more annoying is that it doesn’t continue from the last preset that was in the first vital instance, so let’s say I liked the preset BS_Square, so I’m opening it then I want to layer it with another preset, I have to again filter “user” and then find BS_Square and then continue from there
I’m using FL Studio, Windows, and Vital 1.0.8


It does the same thing if you just close then reopen the GUI. Not only is the filter setting gone it doesn’t reopen to the Browser page.

Just something we have to live with at least for now. The issue with the X-Y Grid settings disappearing when the GUI is closed and reopened is more troubling to me.