Browser and icon bug or..not?

I do not know if it is bug or not but when i filter the presets by author s name, i can`t go back to no filter. It just stay filtered even if i close and reopen the interface. Should not be a None or Back button, or something like that? Or a way to deselect the name…

And another thing … i think that the windows standalone version is missing the icon…and it is such a nice icon :grinning: .
Windows 10 64 bit

This issue has been highlighted by several people and the dev has responded that it’s on his list to fix :grinning:

ok…sorry. I am still getting familiar with this kind of forums…i wonder what happened with smf and vBulletin :grinning:

@arakelian90 no worries :slight_smile:

Fixed in the latest - 1.0.4