Break Knob limits with typed entries

So it’s a little-known secret of Vital that the parameter ranges that the knobs specify are not hard-coded limits, because a modulator which “bottoms out” or “tops out” the knob can, in many cases, push the range of the knob beyond what it’s programmed to accept. Which is a great feature!

One thing people, myself included, do is use Frozen LFOs or Macro knobs as a way of forcing parameters to exceed the ranges they’re bound to in the GUI by setting a high modulation depth after the knob is already at the end of its range. But this is a waste of parameters that doesn’t really MODULATE anything, it’s just a hack to get around the interface’s limitations.

What I’d like is a way to “break” the knob limit somehow. I don’t really care how. Ideally, I think, you would be able to type in a value outside of the knob’s range, and have the knob accept that value rather than bounding it, as long as it’s with the ACTUAL operating range of the knob. i.e. if you set coarse pitch to -96 by typing that value in, coarse pitch could actually go to -96, rather than bottoming out at -48. After all, Vital can already GO that low, as far as I can tell there’s no actual lower bound on the oscillator’s frequency.

If you’re worried that would be too easy for a naive user to break unintentionally, maybe some sort of power user keyboard shortcut that would allow a knob to be broken (say, typing in a value of “!!-96”, or holding shift+alt before clicking on a knob at the edge of its range to allow it to be dragged outside of that range).

My mind here goes to Hollow Knight, which allowed you to add more charms than slots (which came with a gameplay penalty) but only by trying to add an extra charm like, 5 times in a row, with the game denying it each time. Eventually you’d “break” the limit and be allowed to do so anyway. Someone who didn’t know about that mechanic wasn’t likely to accidentally do it without realizing what they’d done, but it added depth for players who knew about it. I think Vital accomplishes something similar with macro breaking, but as long as the total LFO/Macro number is limited, I’d really like a clean way of breaking range WITHOUT wasting a mod slot.