Bpm dependant attack and release possibility

I came at the idea by trying to model some strings after a Jazzen tutorial…
While sounding pretty cool I realized that at higher speeds the strings were nearly useless for fast plays. And so I made a list of how a “string”-instrument like violin or cello behaves, while my Experience of playing cello for 5 years in my childhood helped. so I came up with the thought why is there no possibility to sync envelope-attack and release times so they don’t fade in or out too slow? I think it’s something that sound designers can definitely enjoy and even need :slight_smile:

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there are a lot of possibilities “hidden” in vital.

i don´t have string instrument experience so i don´t understand what exactly you are trying to do.
shorter attack and release when played faster?

if you try to explain i will try to help.

edit: i would try to connect lift modulator to shorten release time with faster lift, and when played faster you probably lift keys faster automaticly.
and connect velocity modulator to shorten attack time with faster press, and when played faster you probably press keys faster automaticly.

or change on/off velocity inside your daw.

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I actualy tried it: it didn’t worked out. what I mean is to set the attack and release time to a musical length like 1/4 or 1/8 so it matches with the Bpm

you can map lfo to attack/release :upside_down_face:

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Use a macro or yes map it to lfo (env mode).