Bought $80 pro - crashes every time its loading


I bought the $80 subscription today
But when i open vital whether standalone or as a plugin
It crashes while downloading and installing the various presets. Sometimes crashes at 1/24, sometimes it makes it to 7/24

Please advise

Why so angry?

Ok I got it sorted. I had to be logged in on the website, and actively using the website, clicking random stuff, for the connection to stay. I don’t know how it worked or why but that worked. Now I used it - immediately found the sound I wanted, tracked the final lead synth I needed and sent it off to be mixed.

Glad you got it sorted. I’ve had a couple reports of this happening on certain internet connections but I haven’t been able to recreate it. I made some changes in the next build that simplify the downloader that hopefully should solve it.

Ahh yes, Matt Tytel, the world’s worst scam artist. Giving his hard work away for free.

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