Black Metal (Red & Ice) Vital Skin Pack!

Black Metal (Red & Ice) Vital Skins!

Download File! v
Black Metal Skins (9.5 KB)
Black Metal Skins (9.1 KB)

(Extra / Help)

*Make sure to reload Vital Synth Plugin / DAW after loading each skin to prevent bugs
*Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated (:


Thanks trying these out rn

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Yw! I hope you like them!

My question with one color skins is do they affect usability by not providing the same visual feedback as multi colored themes.

In other words with the default skin you know in the example below that the LFO is modulating the Phaser, Osc, Filter, and Delay by their colors.

I’ve worked a bit with another single color theme and I’m not sure yet if they have an advantage over themes with different sections colored differently.


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Sure. But luckily we always have the mod page. Yes, another click, but 1 color themes ‘can’ work because of that :wink:

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Thanks for asking!
I added Mono Colored Effects / Neon Rainbow Effects to help with that.

If you want everything to be a single color and don’t mind the visual usability then you can use the Mono Colored Effects.

If you want to add more colors and have a better visual usability then you can use the Neon Rainbow Effects.


[Mono Colored]
[Neon Rainbow Colored]