Black Lotus Audio Presents: The 2022 Halloween Hunt

:jack_o_lantern: Happy Halloween weekend everyone! :jack_o_lantern:

The 2022 Halloween Hunt Is Now Live!

Come celebrate Halloween weekend by hunting for “treats” hidden all over the Black Lotus Audio website.

Will you find some Vital presets? A gift card? Some creepy samples?

There are 10 different treats hidden on our website…

Can you find them all before time runs out?

Join The Hunt Today!


Just got some and they dont seem to work?

What exactly isn’t working for you? The .vitalbanks?

yea the vital banks trying the pumpkin but no sound

Ah, okay thanks, that’s helpful info!

I think your problem is that some of the wavetables have silence on the edges to help make the shape more visible.

Try moving the wavetable position while playing a note. You should be able to hear the wavetable as you scroll through it. (Switching to the 3d wavetable view should help you see this more clearly)

If that doesn’t resolve your issue let me know and I’ll get it sorted for you. :grin: