Black bars appear when reopening Vital in Ableton on Mac

Whenever I want to use Vital, occasionally when I reopen the plugin in Ableton there are black bars on some of the parameters and the only fix that I have found is to close and reopen the plugin. It does not happen when I first add the plugin into a track but only when I reopen it. It’s not a permament fix as it’s a 50/50. I’ve tried with the application itself to see if it happens outside of my daw and it does not. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall the plugin but that did not fix my issue either (unless I did so improperly).

I’m using my 2021 M1 macbook pro Version 14.1.1 (23B81)
Ableton(Ver 11.3.13)
Vital (1.0.7)

You can try the latest version of Vital or just stick with the 50/50 fix, I would say are your two options

I just downloaded the beta version, that actually might have fixed it but i’m not really familliar with how stable the beta one is.