Bitwig not recalling vital preset from its own save system

HI there is an issue using Bitwigs own preset saving in chains or grouping where Vital is involved. A few other plugins I have also had this issue and the developers had to make some modifications to get it working.

es Vital vst3 is not recalling loaded presets that were saved as part of a Bitwig library file (Bitwig 4.2.2) on Windows 11 pc. I place vital as a group with other plugins and save that using the feature Save preset to library. When loading that preset later, Vital is loaded with the Init patch not the proper preset.

Heres how to fix the issue possibly. The only crucial difference in working versions lies in a check to verify if the GUI has been called by the DAW before the plugin is initialized. We found out that some DAW preloads the GUI, to speed up the first opening, causing issues if that happens before the plugin has completed its initialization.