Bitwig Device Panel for Vital


Thanks! Saves me some work.

Thank you very much, this comes quite handy :control_knobs::level_slider:

A bit off topic, but does anyone know what the BPM knob in Bitwig for Vital is good for?
Bitwig always defaults to that control but I have no idea what it’s supposed to do. As far I know Vital doesn’t have a BPM control anywhere, or I’m a blind? :eyes:


Thanks for the Bitwig RC !

And for the tempo thing, there is an internal tempo setting (hidden ? can’t find it anywhere).
I think it should be accessible at least for the standalone version of the synth as you’re stuck at 120 BPM (not effective whan you’re making DnB lol)

There is a setting in the preset file which is beats_per_minute (but the number after is a beat per seconds) 2BPS = 120BPM
I tryed 3BPS and it does work (180BPM)
The bypass setting after it must have something to do when the synth is inside a Host that provide a “master tempo”

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Thanks - It’s still a draft - I’m still getting my head around the optimal layout from a performance perspective (no intention of adding every single param, just the ones that tend to get used most for immediate expression playing) - and I haven’t added fx yet, not sure if that is worth it as it would add another 10 user pages which just makes for additional menu diving and scrolling

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