Basic Wavetable Editor Questions

I have 3 questions about some displayed features in the wavetable editor. Here are steps for creating the simplest possible wavetable so you can follow along:

  1. With any wavetable selected, click the pencil icon in the lower right corner to open the editor
  2. In the Wave Source hamburger, select Remove Group
  3. Under Add Source, select Wave Source
  4. Drag the 1st harmonic bar up to about 1/2 full height
  5. The waveform shows a single sine wave, with a gray full-amplitude sine wave behind it.
    QUESTION 1: What is the grayed sine wave for?
  6. Note the phase bars are all equal amplitude, about 2/3 full height
  7. Save the wavetable as “test”
  8. Open a different wavetable
  9. Re-open the “test” wavetable
    10.The phase bars appear to be random, and there are grayed phase bars as well.
    QUESTION 2: Why are the phase bars now random instead of all the same as they were before?
    QUESTION 3: What are the gray phase bars for?


Hehe hamburger

I thought the grey bar was an image of the wave table before editing?

You should be able to reset the phase with a right click

Sorry someone might be able to better answer. My computer is broken right now :frowning: