Band Spread Flange- changing to Band Spread Flange+ when opening patch again

Every time a patch using the Band Spread Flange- filter is loaded up in Ableton for me, it seems to use the Band Spread Flange+ filter instead, despite showing it’s using the - version, and if you change it and then set it back to the Band Spread Flange- it works fine. It’s really inconvenient when you have to change the filter back to the original every time you load the project file, and it makes patches sound almost unrecognisable in sound.

What Vital version are you using? What OS are you on? What plug-in format are you using?

Version 1.07, Windows 11, VST3, it would be nice if someone tried using this filter and restarting the project file in Ableton again, see if the same issue irises.

It seems the issue is resolved in 1.5, that’s good news.