Automate notes, triplet’s, dotted

Maybe someone can help me out if there already a way to do this . But I would love a way to automate the rate from a note based patter to a triplet patter. As of now I copy a 2nd instances to make this work. Makes it difficult tho cuz if I want to make changes then I need to make identical changes to both which takes up so much time . Thanks Matt!

Hi, you can Set up a macro to switch between two lfos. Lfo 1 runns in triplets , lfo2 in Tempo,

to automate the Level of Osc 1. Then you go to the matrix and Set macro 1 to the amount of lfo1that is on 0 with the Modulation amount - 1. Then you Set macro 1 to the amount of lfo2 that is on +1 with the Modulation amount 1. When you move the macro full left and full right you can switch between them. Hope that helps you out!

Here is the preset, i used ModRemap to make it a little more elegant!
Switch LFO Tempo & Dotted.vital (170.4 KB)