Auto Sign In Checkbox

Hey there,

First post!! Skippy (PlugInGuru) put me onto this amazing synth via his livestream, loved what I saw so I instantly bought the Pro version :slight_smile:

Now, here’s my little feature request…

Please can we have a button that rememberers your sign in details without having to enter them every single time I restart Unify (my plugin host) or my DAW? When I originally setup my Vital account my password manager generated a great password that is totally unmemorable as it’s doing it’s job BUT I have to go into it, and copy the password to paste into my Vital sign in box, every time. Kinda irritating y’know‽

Thanks :smiley:

As far as I know, login details should be remembered by Vital…

Weirdly, it’s started to ‘remember’ my login details now… very odd! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ahhhhhhh!!! I know what it is now! The first time it’s used in a new way it requires the login details, in Logic, via Unify and standalone, enter them once in each THEN it remembers it!

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