Author overwrite not working in preset browser

[Vital 1.5.3, Windows 10, Standalone and VST3]
After overwriting a preset with a different author name it stays the same in the preset list despite saving correctly and showing up in the preset’s description.

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I have this exact same issue all the sudden. Standalone or VST. Win 10. Vital 1.5.3
It pretty much makes Vital useless if I can’t save my changes :frowning:

I think it was a specification that even if the saved file was overwritten,
it would be saved in the User folder.

Don’t yet have the trust level to edit the original post but kinda want to clarify a few things.
The presets themselves are saved perfectly fine in the User folder, what is not working correctly is changing author names and, what I found out recently, the “style” label as well. It is saved within the preset but the preset list still shows the old author and style (although the new author does show up in the preset description when selected).
It looks a bit like the preset browser is using a shortcut list of the author names and styles that are not updated when overriding them. I should also mention that when saving the preset with a different name after overriding the properties they show up correctly on the new preset.