Author data not available when saving a single preset

  1. Download and open any of the .vital files available in this forum.
  2. Play and enjoy.
  3. Click “Save Preset”.

All the metadata of the preset is shown together with the “Save” button.

Title, type and comments are there, but the author field is empty. This is bad because it is very easy to forget or mistype in the moment, and then this may cause problems finding the preset next to other presets from the same author, and lack of attribution if anyone uses that preset in their works and wants to attribute.


if i renember correctly, when i save presets from others the name is not empty, instead it fills in the last name i was using.
And it will not overwrite the original, it will save the copy to user folder.

I think there are other threads about this, because this causes some problems, but if you change it will leed to other problems.

When i change other peoples presets and save them i allways add “mod” to the end of the name. So later i can still see this wasn´t originaly createt by me.

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At least in my experience, if I save any preset found in this forum without having changed anything in it, the author field is simply empty.

I checked before posting this bug report, but all I could find were other threads related to the author field in modified presets.

ok just tried and when i open a preset and then saving it without changes it still fills in the last used name.

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This is intentional. Giving credit to the original author is important yes. But it’s also important not to say someone made something after another person changed it.


If this is intentional, then ok. :sweat_smile: Thank you.