Audio rate modulation artifacts

Hello, first post here, I’m very thankful to everyone who contributed in making this amazing instrument with such inspiring features, among those, imho mod remapping and keytracked LFOs are the most astonishing.

Now, about those, I tried, as it seemed the most logical thing to do about it, to use one single LFO, set as a ramp, and remapped as one or more sines, to emulate several FM operators with different ratios, the results somehow, using the phase of one oscillator as the mod destination, trying to get into some “old school” FM, which is actually PM are well… similar to what I’d expect, but also somehow “noisy”, it seems pretty hard to get some cristalline FM tone this way, or well… I can get it, but it also seems to be superimposed with some noise resembling aliasing or something similar, which oversampling doesn’t seem to fix…

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve tried multiple settings and the best result i seem to get is when i use a sine lfo, assign it to the phase and just gently push it. 50% lfo to the phase can be very noisy indeed. Also, the basic osc can help a bit here. I’ve set the lfo to restart but also set the the osc to restart it’s phase. Should help a bit.

it didn’t really help :smiley:
yet I found out what the problem was, I was doing the remapping wrong, thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile: