Audio input module in FX pane

Has anyone thought of adding an FX module that just lets you route in the audio from an outside source?

Seems like this would be the easiest way to turn Vital into an FX box, and if the audio input was silently or audibly used as a modulation source, it would be a sidechain beast.

Only problem with this as I see it is that it isn’t fair to the rest of the synths on the market.

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Hopefully we get similar capability one day! Pretty sure Matt’s got loads of things planned and I can’t wait to see the synth grow.


I think it should also allow you to use the input for AM/FM and anything else with an audio source (ie run it through filters), I sometimes end up with two or more vital instances (or even a different synth) in Carla (plugin that let’s me route audio in anyway I want, short of making a feedback loop) which if vital supported this would allow me to route them together (admittedly this would have certain issues like that it’s FMd by the whole audio not individual voices but eh could be worse (like not being able to do it at all…))

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exactly right!
and an expert “node editor” pane that looked like BespokeSynth wouldn’t be bad :wink:

I want an audio triggered envelope follower module somewhere in Vital as well.