Audio Distortion

Using Studio One 5 and have been getting audio distortion. I have to keep switching between Realtek and Windows audio. The sound will work fine for a short time and than distort and produces static and distortion, I’ll switch over to the other after a short while I would get the same problem. So I would switch over again. Anyone else having this problem?

You could try to increase you audio drivers buffer.
I recommend to use asio drivers, more efficient.
You could download the excellent and free Asio4all.

I second this. ASIO is super good for latency and lowers CPU usage a bit too. with windows audio i get 58ms latency with ASIO it’s 12-15ms after adjusting the settings. for some reason i actually get lower latency at 96khz than i do with 44.1 or 48, im not exactly sure why that is, it seems counterintuitive.

Hi Linguae, you get less latency because your buffer size stay the same but with a greater sample rate :upside_down_face:

For example, if you have a 512sample buffer size @ 44.1kHz (44100 samples per seconds)
you have 512/44100 seconds = 11.6ms minimum of latency (plus some more due to “some stuff”)
with 96kHz sample rate you get 512/96000 seconds = 5.3ms
So yes, it is a lower latency but your CPU will struggle more to calculate all those samples, so a bigger buffer is probably needed ^^

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