Audio distortion at lower sample rates with chorus filter

Did a comparison of changing the sample rate between 192 khz and 44.1 khz in my daw and noticed that vital sounded very different in the 44.1 khz version compared to the 192 khz export when the chorus filter is active. the sound was very muddy and almost buzzy sounding in the 44.1 khz version while the 192 khz export sounded crisp and clear, in both examples vital was set at 8x oversampling, I tryed serum and phaseplants chorus but this issue doesn’t occur.

Do you have a video or a preset where this is happening? Maybe with a spectrogram to show the buzziness?

Do you have any other effects enabled? The multiband compressor can make normally very quiet high end stuff sound pretty loud if your just playing a low filtered preset.

Yes, I have a video of the sound, for this example I used only the default init wavetable and the chorus effect no other effects, unison of the oscillator set to 1, oversampling set to 8x and high res wavetable on, first example is at 44,100 khz and second example is at 192,000 khz I was suprised how big the difference is of the sound. The difference becomes even more noticeable if the chorus mix is turned up.

Video link:

Second test with simple melody, difference very noticeble here:

There is a bug in a couple of the effects where the sample rate can change the rate/sound, it’s going to be fixed in the next update. I put off the fix for the next ‘big’ update because I only put changes that affect the actual sound in major releases to keep from breaking people’s projects if they upgrade a minor version.

I realize this isn’t ideal but for this version you can change the rate of the chorus to get the same sound across the different sample rates.

As a side note, the 8x oversampling doesn’t help the audio quality much outside of heavy distortion or heavy filter driving.

Awesome, was worried this issue had something to do with my pc but glad to see that I can get the same sound by adjusting the chorus frequency, look forward to the next update!

Dunno if this would apply.

I’m running Linux with Jack as the audio instead of the default alsa. If I change sample rate I have to restart Jack. When Jack is restarted, I have to set vital to use Jack again (click on the Vital icon in the upper left, select alsa, the select Jack again and the new rate shows up).

You might look to see if you need to change anything under the vital icon after changing the rate.