AU component not available in Mashine

I just did an upgrade from 1.03 to 1.05 but. when I open a mashine project it prompts AU
it’s not available although there is a component instance in the component folder?

I changed the manufacturer name from “Matt Tytel” to “Vital Audio”
Is that why you can’t find it?

Yep, it seems to be like that, there’s still a vst instance under Matt Tytel, didn’t scroll down that far,
but now I see there’s an AU under Vital Audio,

Shit is, I seem to be losing my altered patches, since I can’t open the original vital AU.
So I guess re-installing 1.03, save 'm, it are a few projects than update and recall 'm …

Ah… hmm maybe logic doesn’t support changing the manufacturer name? I thought that wouldn’t matter…

It was Mashine (NI),
it did work in Logic.
But the problem is solved now.
By the way, great Synth!