Attack envelope just doesn't seem to work? (macOS)

Using Vital version 1.0.7 on macOS and Logic Pro x updated to the most recent version and have been getting this issue where the standard volume attack envelope just does not seem to work and the attack just immediately reaches the peak and plays at full volume if when the envelope is set to a slow attack. When recording a midi chord sequence sometimes it will just be one of the notes in the chord sequence (midi’d in) and often times a few of them, however it changes around a lot.

The worst part is, is that even bouncing it out doesn’t fix my issue. Even after bouncing down the midi sequence, it still bakes in the issue into the audio. This issue happens regardless of my buffer size, it happens with low latency mode on or off and it happens even with playback pre roll turned on. If anybody knows anything about what is causing this and how to fix it that would be much appreciated.

I feel I should also add some of my hardware specifications: This is on an M1 chip with about 8gb memory

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clear midi modulations on the attack knob

Hi, thanks for your reply

Edited: The attack knob is not being modulated in anyway and I don’t have any other midi modulations but it still appears that the master envelope changes the attacks behaviour randomly.

I also should have specified in my original post that I am looking for a slower attack however the problem is that it just sometimes just ignores the slow attack envelope.

attack of ENV1 is working here without problems
that is: Logic 10.5.1, mojave, intel, vital 1.5.3

maybe update vital ?

Thanks for replying,

Just updated to the most recent version of Vital and ENV1 is still completely bugged for me in logic. It works like normal at first but then just out of nowhere plays the note at its loudest instantaneously after one or two loops of the midi region despite nothing touching the attack knob.

have you doublechecked with another DAW? (like reaper, cubase or hostingAU)

again: working fine here
i suspect some sort of midi assignement that can be made accidentally without knowing of the user…

I’m getting this exact problem. Anyone been able to find a fix? I have ENV1 set to a very slow attack (1.151 sec), but about 30% of the time notes don’t come in slow, they begin at highest volume. MacOS, Logic Pro, Vital 1.5.5.

The envelopes in Vital seem buggy. This envelope issue has affected some of my patches less, some more, some none. I generally avoid using envelopes and use LFOs in envelope mode instead.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint any logic behind this behavior, thus a bug report is impossible.

I’ve seen others talk about this on Discord as well.

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Yes exactly, the bug itself has random assigned to it - there’s no pattern in how it appears. But I guess good to know it’s not just me. I guess. I’ll try that LFO tip too - thanks.

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