Assorted features, small and large

Thanks for making this blast of a synth! There aren’t many improvements to make for its purpose but I would like to see a few more things. I’ve bolded the ones I really want.

The small features:

  • Loop section envelope mode (loops between two points, maybe with crossfading)
  • Linear interpolation for the random modulators
  • Pseudorandom mode for the random modulators (using seeds made from the time within the project and a user-specified seed)
  • Continuous adjustments to the tempo-synced times
  • Tempo source (like the note source but adjusts with project tempo - linearly or logarithmically)
  • A second parameter for each spectral morph operation (e.g. sharpness for low pass and high pass, pitch range for Shepard tones, centre for phase disperse), with a bar on the top to control it
  • Saturation for the spectral morph (on each harmonic) and wave morph (on the overall wave), with asymmetry as the second parameter
  • Vertical zooming in for the spectral graph
  • Overall amplitude for different wave sources in the oscillator editor
  • An option to turn the normalisation off for the waves in the oscillator
  • 6 db/oct filters, 36 db/oct filters
  • Allpass filters
  • Gain staging from -infinity to +60 dB for each stage
  • Two parameters for each distortion mode in the FX distortion unit (e.g. the second one controls the asymmetry of the clipping modes and whether or not the samplerate reducer linearly interpolates)
  • Fuzz distortion in the FX distortion unit
  • Modulation for compressor ratios
  • Compressor crossover frequency parameters

The big features:

  • Custom waveshaper
  • Modular grid
  • Dynamic equaliser
  • Amp simulator
  • More filter topologies
  • Low pass gates