Assigning macros to midi controller


Vital is incredible, and I am 100% sure this problem is arising from my own ignorance. When I right click a macro and select “learn midi assigntment” the knob that I move does not end up doing anything. Am I doing something wrong or is this not what the option is for?

I am using Alesis Vmini

I was able to get MIDI control working, but this was when I was in the standalone version. The MIDI is handled differently in DAWs, so it will all depend on what you are using. For example, in FL studio there is a little knob button at the top. When you click on it and tweak a control, just tweak a MIDI knob on your controller and it will connect it to that parameter.

I’ve not worked with this in Standalone mode. In Cubase Pro (Ver 10.0.6) I was able to assign the macro controls to the “Quick Controls,” which are linked to physical rotary controls on my Advance 49 MIDI controller. I saved that as a Quick Controls Preset in Cubase. Now the controls are available in any instance of Vital.

Automation may be written into the DAW’s track and edited or re-recorded.

The instrument also has MIDI Learn on many controls. I’ve not yet worked with it, a lot but it should work and be relatively easy to set up for use in a DAW. Could be cool for live rig set-ups.

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Al is working nicely with cubase ( quick parameters, automation…)

Charlie, you should post your daw,configuration… and I’m pretty sure someone here will find a solution!

I can confirm that Midi learn in the standalone Vital app works with the VMini straight out of the box.

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Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply. Just tested in the standalone app and it works perfectly. I am using FL, so it’s definitely something I am missing within there. Linking with the FL Multilink feature doesnt seem to work for me, but I’ll figure it out eventually. Thanks everyone!

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Hello. I just wanted to post in case this can help another FL studio user. When trying to link macros in vital to your midi controller… Just right clicking on the macro to “learn midi” then turning your knob on your midi controller wont work. Instead at the top of the DAW you will see a knob icon “multilink to controllers” Click this button to highlight it and then turn your macro knob in Vital manually with your mouse (just clicking the macro wont work) as you move the macro knob with your mouse you will see the multilink icon flash “learn” as you move it. Now, the next knob or fader you move on your midi controller will be mapped to that macro. Multilinking in other synths and areas of the DAW you can get away with just clicking the multilink icon, then clicking whatever you want to link midi to. However in Vital you need to actually move the macro you are linking and not just click it. If you still have issues go to the FL studio Options > MIDI settings > select your controller you are using and make it is enabled and that it functions in the rest of FL studio, then the multilink will surely work in Vital for you. Was stuck on this for awhile, hope it helps <3