Assignation going to max or min value

Hi !

I’m having this issue, which is very annoying as it’s really messing up with my presets (and even more when they are not saved)
As said in the title, when I drag and drop a modulation to anything, it goes to the max or min of the assignation whenever i go select an other envelope or LFO, or anything else, really.
I’m currently on a MacBook Pro 16" 2019, under macOS 11.6.2, using Logic Pro 10.7.2 and Vital 1.0.7.

Steps are easy to reproduce as it happens every time. However, can’t say when this problem started to occurs (new update from logic ? vital ? os ?)

Wondering if anyone else has the same issue.

Thanks, and merry Christmas !

Hey !

I’ve recorded the issue, I guess it’s more obvious to see it.

This is happening quite randomly, or at least, I didn’t managed to get a proper way to have this bug happen.

Oh, and sorry for the poor sound quality, you won’t ear much as I was recording from the built-in mic by mistake