Assign Envelope to OSC?

How do I assign my ADSR on any ENV to an OSC, so I can only shape the sound effecting the selected OSC. even if it’s solo’d, it plays both envelopes?

In the matrix. Env 1,2,3 etc to oscillator 1,2,3 etc. Choose from there what you want to attach on the oscillator. Pitch, phase? etc

I just want the shape of the sound no parameters attached. For example, if I have a short decay so it’s like a pluck sound on OSC2, OSC1 will have a longer sustain. But I disable OSC1 it still plays the OSC1 sound combined. I want it as two separate sounds.

Your going to have to do what I mentioned but apply different envelopes to the level of each oscillator. Hope that helps

Don’t apply envelope 1 because that is the overall amplitude of the synth. Do a pluck in envelope 2, attach to osc 2. More sustain on envelope 3. attach to other oscillator 1… etc …