Arrangement of sound banks in vital's browser

hi matt,

i would like to have my soundbanks clearer. i would like to have all factory banks in a folder called “factory” etc… but if i move the factory banks to such a folder, they are no longer displayed in the brower’s sounbank section. is it because of the depth of the path (folder structure)?


in the preset browser, have you double-clicked the “factory” name?
it should reveal the subfolders
don’t know how many subdirectories (if any) this works
but at least one subfolder does work

the hirachy would be
factory/Presets/subfolder1, 2, 3 etc

just made a test:
it does seem to go a few levels down…
but it gets confusing too…

hello muki,
in the preset browser i have no visible subfolders, unfortunately. this is the problem.
if i want to organize the soundbanks under windows where the sound banks are stored (C:\Users\doral123\Documents\Vital), the sound banks in vital are no longer displayed.
I would like to move all sound banks that are automatically installed by default after installation to a folder called “Factory Content” or “Factory Banks”. and other folders named after categories should serve the further structure. the whole thing should look like this:
“01 Factory Content”
“02 Psytrance”
“03 Techno”

on the mac, where it works, an example would be:
~/Music/Vital/factory/Presets/Factory_sub01/factory sub02/thesupersoundpreset_in_the_2nd_subfolder.vital

in your example the “Presets” dir is missing

should be something like:
…\Documents\Vital\Presets\01 subfolder\

hi muki,

it’s strange but it works now. i have manually created the presets “folder” and copied all banks in this folder. now all subfolders are visible. but vital setup(installation) does not create this presets folder. ?


here, on the mac, it does
created folders at the topmost within factory are:


which contain named items…
at least on the mac
no idea if it’s different on wintel (i doubt though)

no. such folders are not installed under windows.