ARM compiled version of the lv2

Any chance of an lv2 plugin compiled for ARM?


That would indeed be wonderful!

Absolutely looking forward to seeing this available for ARM Linux, including 32-bit which is the platform I currently use for instrumentation.

It would be really nice to have vital integrated on Zynthian :wink:


ARM versions of lv2 and the standalone would be great.

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Yes, please! I’d love to run this on a Raspberry Pi!

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+1, It might get to be a standalone MPE synth if we can integrate it in Zynthian indeed

If you are thinking of the Raspberry Pi or similar - I am very skeptical that Vital would run smoothly on it.
It would be great if it did though.

You’re not wrong to be skeptical, Vital does a lot of intense processing. But given a careful selection of presets and limiting the number of voices and effects I know that Surge synthesizer can run smoothly on a Pi4. I imagine that Vital would be able to as well.

Headless (without needing OpenGL) maybe?


Fortunatly you can easily run any lv2 plugin headless using the jalv cli on linux.

Looking forward to finding out how effective Vital headlessness will be…

What do you mean with “effective”? You can control all parameters without using the GUI, it just means you have to map them to different controls.

Same in Carla, can run the lv2 without using the gui.

So, we just need an ARM build :wink:

Effective at improving performance, I mean.

+1 for Vital on ARM, I’m creating a lightweight, node-based DAW ( ), which runs on all platforms including rpi (very good results on rpi4 !)
This would be absolutely awesome to pack vital and LGML on a rpi !!