Are these wavs compatible with vital? (wavetables)

i know almost nothing about wavetables since i’m not coming from serum or ppg, etc. but i found a bunch of wavetables at

downloaded them, put them in the vital sample folder and when i try to add it to the wavetable folder the directory shows up as blank. they seem to be shorter in duration to vital wavetables. what’s vital looking for in order to have them recognized? is it a certain sample count or bit depth? sorry if this has been explained before.

maybe these are a special multichannel format or something.


They work for me, I put them in a folder I made called WaveEdit like this :


And they are here :

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thanks for the reply. They’re not working for me. Just to be sure, I tested by adding a folder of samples from another synth that’s in the same directory and they loaded right up. WaveEdit’s WTs don’t show up for me. Vital version 1.55. Maybe there’s just too many wavetables in the folder? there’s like 700 of them.

edit: drag and drop works, so it’s not the format. i’ll try putting the folder in another location and see if that helps. i’m using a symlink to the local/share/vital directory on linux to point to my sample SSD. but the other WTs work…

created a new folder and put one waveedit wavetable in it and vital can’t see it.

ah, found the problem. The extension of the wavetables was WAV in capitals and vital doesn’t like that, they work with lowercase.

while in the directory, used the following script to change uppercase to lowercase:
for i in *.WAV; do mv – “$i” “${i%.log}.wav”; done

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I guess you’re not on Windows ? EDIT I see you mentioned Linux. :sunglasses: :+1:

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i appreciate the response because it gave me the confidence to keep looking for the problem, which i’m sure i have encountered before in the past but forgot about.

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Is Linux always iffy when it comes to Lowercase/Uppercase ? I think windows will load a wav when it’s called a Wav,wAv,WAV,WAv or wav. :laughing:

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It’s not an everyday problem (with other software i guess) but I think I may have had the exact same problem before with Vital, but I go for long periods of not synthesizing and my memories get re-allocated. :slight_smile:

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Linux filenames are generally case-sensive.

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would it be a good if vital ignored the case of file extensions?