Are there different vocoder voices?

… or just the one english female voice?

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You mean the text to wavetable service?
Yeah, there sure are some ways to get variations.

  1. There are different accents like English - US, UK, AU (Australia). Haven’t tried all of them but they do sound different.

  2. Play with the Formant and Vocode which can be accessed by choosing ‘Formant Scale’ or ‘Vocode’ from the Spectral Morph drop-down. (The left knob out of the two that modify the oscillator sound)

  3. Try playing notes on different octaves on the keyboard.

yeah some accents sound somewhat like a female robot but you can tweak them using the Formant knob.

As far as I know, the Text-to-Wavetable is hosted by an online service, some website I assume. So what you get from the TTWT is determined by what the service offers.

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