Are more macros needed/possible?

Don´t know if this was disscussed before, but i didn´t find anything here.

When making presets i allways think a lot about what to asign to the macros, because i have only four of them.

There are often more then four things you want to change and especially when you come back to a preset after some time, you have to renember where your “key” changes to the sound were.

And there are sooo much envelopes, lfos, random and other stuff you can asign to the macros. It feels a little unbalanced.:grinning:

Would this be interesting for other people too?


I think 8 would be cool. That’s the standard number of macros in an instrument rack in Ableton, and most MIDI controllers have 8 rotary encoders.

That said, I would see that as a “nice to have” with lower priority than a lot of the issues I’ve run into (admittedly, just annoyances, not deal-breakers). And a manual would be awesome.

On a related note, I would like to issue a plea to preset authors to map the macros to something meaningful for their preset. I hate opening a bank of 100 presets with no macro mappings. The macros can make the difference between a throwaway preset and a keeper. When I’m scanning through them, I’m willing to twiddle the knobs on my controller, but I’m much less likely to close the preset browser and mess with the settings directly. If I don’t “favorite” the preset on my first listen, I probably won’t ever use it.

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yes, i was feeling the same about having 4 macros. sometimes, a guy may wanna make a really complex patch and also assign and control multiple parameters of the patch, maybe 8 macros as mentioned by @qub1t would be good enough

that´s it!

yes this has no high priority, but for complex patches 8 macros would be very nice to have.

Interesting - I never thought of it that way. When I make presets I only add in macros that I would personally see fit to use myself. But I will agree that 8 would match up with my midi controllers and would be quite nice.

when i close the preset browser, i tend to get stuck for some minutes with every preset. This is great for exploring stuff but very time consuming.

So often i just browse trough presets playing some notes and looking if the presets have some stuff mapped to macros, modwheel or other things. Learned a lot from other presets how to manipulate sounds.

And the macros can save a lot of time, for example a kick preset with macros for decay, distrtion, tone, click, resonance, cutoff or whatever you can make 20 different kicks in a few minutes.

Sometimes you don´t even like the first sounds from a preset but then you play around with the macros or modwheel.

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is this never happening? 4 more knobs would really be useful.

4 is pretty standard in synths, but for anyone needing more:

You can also use a static LFO as a macro.
Simply set tempo time to Freeze, assign your parameters, and use the LFO phase as your knob.

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