Apply FX to a specific OSC (... and still running through Filter)?

Is there a way to apply an effect independently to a specific Oscillator, without having to detach the Filter?
I don’t think there is, but maybe I’m overlooking something.

In the dropdown there’s “Effects” available, but then the OSC doesn’t run through the Filter anymore :slightly_frowning_face:


@mesamask One of the effects is a filter - could that be a workaround?

Hmm, that’s not really working unfortunately.
The FX section is acting kind of globally. So when I’m adding a Filter in the FX it affects all other Oscillators as well, which I don’t want.
I was trying to i.e. put a reverb only on OSC 2, without losing the filtering from the main filter(s). But it would probably require additional routing options to achieve this. Or “send fx” options.

Maybe something for a feature request (later on, Mr.Tytel is probably the busiest man on earth right now lol)

thanks @andrew_a

Yes, indeed. I guess you could split the patch into two and layer in your DAW - not ideal though.