Appearance of diagrams

What is the significance of the points that appear on some diagrams ? Thank you.

it shows that this modulator, afaik actually the amount of this modulator,
is modulated by (yet) another modulator

for example:
LFO1 hat one of those circle with point
clicking on it and looking at the mod-matrix should give you a hint which other modulator is modulating LFO1’s amount

thank you. once you know it, it becomes so obvious !!!

Put simply, if you have one modulator modulating another modulator, you’ll see this.

As an example, send a signal from an LFO to a Filter Cutoff and then use a second LFO dragged to the modulator amount on the first LFO and it’ll turn into that ring with a circle inside to indicate that 1 modulator is modulating another modulator.