Any presets for Celtic music?


Does anyone know where can I find presets to make Celtic music?


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For celtic music I wouldn’t use a synth. A sampler like Kontakt with suitable samplelibraries would be much better for the task.
That being said, Vital can do Karplus strong synthesis which can give somewhat convincing plucked string sounds. Check out yuli yolo’s presets, he has some nice ones.

Thank you.

Where is the option to do Karplus Strong synthesis in Vital? I do not see this option. Thank you.

Comb Pluck.vital (2.3 MB)
It’s a form of synthesis that uses keytracked combfilters (or tuned delays) with high resonance that is excited by a sound, this makes the combfilters ring out. In vital you can send a short burst of noise from the sampler into a keytracked combfilter and turn up the resonance (which controls how long the notes are ringing) and now you are doing Karplus/Strong synthesis.

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This was incredibly informative. Thank you! : )