Another "Spliced Waveform" Patch - use ModWheel to add character

Here’s another spliced waveform patch. What does splicing mean?
By using audio rate and note-synced LFO the basic triangle wave form is augmented with a pulse.
It’s not mixing! It’s about replacing parts of the triangle waveform.
You can check out the effect by pressing a single key and watch the waveform in the advanced tab when mod wheel is down. It’s a pure triangle.
No slowly open the mod wheel. You can see that parts of the triangle are replaced with a pulse width waveform… it’s interesting to see that parts of the waveform are still “stable” coming from the triangle, but other parts kind of move. The movement comes from the unisono setting.
Best effect you get when you play a low 0, +12, +7 chord and slowly open the mod wheel. From boring to a nice distorted sound in just a few moments :wink:
Splicer - Triangle spliced by ModWheel.vital (235.6 KB)

You can see here the difference between Mod Wheel down and up

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