Another parameter assigned

Regarding the vital LFO, if there is another parameter assigned when assigning the LFO, it may be difficult to use because the value will change if you accidentally touch it.
Is there a way to solve this?

Could you please clarify your question or provide an example?

not sure what you’re asking really

A circle showing the amount of assignment at the assigned location is displayed under the name of the LFO, but it is difficult to use because it is accidentally touched when you want to perform another operation with the same LFO.

You could go through the mod matrix, but that’s time consuming. I’ve always just dragged from the top of the square and it’s never been an issue.

If there are many, it is often accidentally touched.
I wish there was a way to turn off manipulating parameters on a square, do you know that?

No I don’t think that’s a thing