Another Free Preset Pack with 100+ Presets

Hi everyone,
Here’s the next set of presets in this apparent series of preset packs. I didn’t really plan to do packs like this but hey, it’s fun and virtual school can be pretty slow sometimes. There are 100+ presets (I didn’t count the total, but I know it’s over 100) that I’ve created over the past month, and I feel this one really goes deep into some fun sound design topics.

I don’t feel comfortable asking for donations on this site because Matt deserves all of your donations, but the website costs money and I’m trying my best to put up as much free stuff because 1) Connecting the store to my bank account would be a nightmare because I suck at that stuff. 2) I don’t have a good form of security system to make sure people don’t just buy a pack and redistribute it for a marked down price. In a nutshell, Matt deserves all of your donations, but if you want to support me I’d be glad to do some freelance work for you.

So enough rambling, here’s the link:

I hope you have a fun time going through them as much as I did making them :slight_smile:


The quality of the presets is fantastic, thank you very much!

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Thanks. Nice presets and notes (when you add them). a third went into my shortlist already. Just tipped you too.