Am I missing some factory Presets?

I purchased the $25 plan a couple of months ago, I had a gorgeous big string section that now I can’t find. I fairly sure is was a factory preset( it wasn’t the one from In the Mix). I only have 7 factory presets now, and I thought there were more. I redownloaded the factory bank and imported it, but there are still only seven.

Does anyone know the name of the big string preset I am talking about?

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You didn’t lose any presets did you? The factory bank actually installs into multiple different top level folders and the Factory folder is just presets by me. Guess that’s a bit misleading.

If you click on a top level folder in the preset browser twice it’ll expand to show you what’s inside. I think the subfolders that come in the initial bank are called ‘Factory Content’ iirc

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Now I see. I think i have everything, but I can’t find that big string preset. I wish I could remember what it was called. I played through everyting and can’t find it.