Already outdated?

i follow art1fact on patreon, he did. a sound design video and gave us the presets, when going to load them , it says they were made with a newer version. i bought vital plus, is there already an update?

Current version is 1.0.3
You can find installer downloads here: . The auto-update function in the plugin way be wonky right now, I just update manually.

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big ups, ill do that now

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To update manually, do you just download the latest version and install it over your existing setup? And does it retain all your existing presets & wavetables and their locations?

Thanks in advance for any info.

I updated from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3. User created patches and wavetables are intact, it’s safe to update, just do it

Thanks for the help.

I updated and didn’t work.
Finally discovered that VST3 works!! but VST2 shows the text “made with a newer version”

Which DAW are you using? It’s possible that your DAW is still detecting the old VST2 file if it wasn’t overwritten, which can happen if you install the new version in a different folder than where you installed the previous version.