Allow "Normalize Each Wavetable Frame" to be independent of Filter modifier

As I understand it, there is no official method to normalize each individual frame of a wavetable in Vital. I am aware of the fact that when you add a filter modifier in the wavetable editor, it does happen to normalize each frame. From here you can just max out the cutoff frequency to be inaudible in order to keep the frame normalization without actually hearing a filter, but this isn’t ideal.

How feasible would it be to take the “each frame” normalization function and give it its own button next to the current one? Maybe even just giving a right click or drop-down menu to the “Normalize” button that allows you to choose how the wave is normalized.

Other than that, loving Vital. Thanks for all you do, Matt.

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If you have access to Serum you can always try importing the wav file into Serum and normalise each wavetable and then export it and import it back into Vital.

I think that could work :slight_smile:

That is quite possibly the worst thing I have ever heard as far as workflow is concerned but noted lol

But it does the job…

You didn’t mention anything about workflow, so how could anyone know that was a concern?

It was a suggestion.

If you really need the individual waves normalised, it’s an option.