Adware and Trojan in Vital Free Version Download?

I just downloaded the free version of Vital and then scanned the VitalInstaller.exe with
VirusTotal and OPSWAT as I do with all downloads and these are the results of the scans.

VT = AdWare.DealPly.ofxe
OPSWAT = Trojan.Hesv.Esmk.Femb

My brother works in Cyber Security and has told me that websites can be hacked and malware and viruses attached to downloads which is why I always scan everything I download.

There are also what are know as false positives.

I’ll be grateful for any thoughts, opinions, suggestions regarding this issue.

I really want to use Vital but am fearful of infecting my computer.

Thanks for your help!

Check only 1 antivirus engine out of 68 engines detect something. Which means it’s perfectly safe and 1 false positive.

Agreed, there should be nothing to worry about.

Yes, that seems right. I don’t know enough about how the scans work to understand why one of them would detect something while all the others would not.

A Google search shows that AdWare.DealPly.ofxe is a generic name.

However, I found this specific information for Trojan.Hesv.Esmk.Femb.

I’m wondering why the scan finds a specific name for the Trojan??

In the majority of the cases, Trojan.Win32.Hesv.emer virus will instruct its victims to initiate funds transfer for the objective of neutralizing the modifications that the Trojan infection has presented to the target’s gadget.

Trojan.Win32.Hesv.emer Summary

These modifications can be as follows:

  • Ciphering the documents found on the target’s disk drive — so the sufferer can no longer use the data;
  • Preventing normal accessibility to the target’s workstation;

Source: Trojan.Win32.Hesv.emer — How To Fix Guide

Please tell me what you think.

Antivirus engines use heuristics to detect possible strange behavior of unknown files. It’s a bit like artificial intelligence algorithms. And sometimes those algorithms get it wrong, especially the less sophisticated ones. They ‘see’ patterns that are similar to known virus patterns, that’s where the name comes from. But since it’s a false flag, the virus name doesn’t mean a thing.

If the best engines in the world say it’s clean, it’s clean (Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Avira, NOD32).

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Okay, that makes sense. I appreciate your explaining it.
Thanks so much!

Thank G we don’t have another cryprojacker at our hands. :smiley:

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