Additionall Global Unison

For now, we have Unison per Oscillator. But it’s not working right when FM is used due to the Vital signal flow. It would be great to have a global Unison as well. Thank you )

P.S: Phase Plant has this implemented.

I think global unison sort of makes sense, but maybe a unison group might be better, since I don’t know too many cases when I’d need three different oscs to all have unison. i can think of reasons however to have 2 oscillators with unison + poly but one osc monophonic and non unison (for a sub bass for example)

Have you tried to say modulate the oscillator phase with the LFO (another way of FM in Vital)? If you do this that way, then Unison on that oscillator will not work anymore, unfortunately). That’s is why it makes sense to have a global unison as well.