Accidentally subscribed twice

HI matt! I’m super excited to dive into Vital, and accidentally subscribed twice. I am wondering if this is going to cause issues, or if ill just be able to pay off the pro version twice as fast! Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but cant find a better way to contact!

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Did the same thing myself, but at least I got the plugin installed and it is working great. :smiley:

I did the same thing. Maybe we get the stereo version?:wink:

Same here.

I clicked to subscribe with PayPal, and all I saw was an alert pop up with a code. There was no confirmation message. When I tried again, a different code popped up. I checked PayPal and saw that I was charged and subscribed twice.

Yup me too ! same stuff, was confused with the weird code popup so tried again x) got subbed twice, I cancelled one of em in my PayPal account.

Edit : Now, i don’t have any subscription plan active on my account, i mean, i don’t see anything in my profile page, I had some then it disappeared later today … weird :thinking:
so I payed the subscription twice with nothing esle in return :c YET ! I’m patient, keep the good work Matt I’m not mad I know it is the launch date and there are some issues :sweat_smile:

Ah yeah I need to clean up the process and make sure people can’t double subscribe.

If anyone is double subscribed I’ll make sure to go through and fix your account. Need to work through some other issues first but I’ll get to it soon!


I cleaned up this purchase flow and refunded all the duplicates I found in this thread.

If I missed anyone that has a double payment please let me know and I can refund one of them!
I can also fix you unsubscribed one of them and now your subscription doesn’t come up (I just fixed yours @NoLambda )


Thank you, everything works fine now

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