Access to Pro Version Not Working

I’m sorry that this is a redundant post to others but having a similar problem. Paid for the Pro Version and received the notification from PayPal that the transaction went through but nothing changes when I log in. Still shows upgrade options from Free only. Your help would be appreciated.

Yeah sorry about this. Working with Paypal at the moment to figure out why some payment notifications are on a delay for the past few weeks.

When I get back to my computer I’ll fix your account if the notification hasn’t come yet (longest i’ve seen it delayed is 12 hours).

Can I send anything to help? PayPal email showing the transaction?

No I can access your email and account. Just need to be on my computer and am on my phone atm.

Thank you for the help.

Looks like the payment notification went through so your account should be all good now.

Hello. I got the same problem. I made a payment with PayPal, but only factory presets are available on the account page

Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know.
It looks like PayPal payment notifications are all delayed for me right now, trying to get a hold of someone at PayPal to see what’s going on.

I manually upgraded your account so you should be all set!