About txt to wavetable

Hello there!

I use the free version and would like to use my own text, when i try it says it wants to go online but it just gets stuck.
Is it even possible to use txt to wavetable in the free version or are just the servers down?


free users are allowed to use text to wavetable up to 5 times per day. You sure you haven’t reached the limit?
Another thing could be your firewall, make sure it’s not blocking Vital or your DAW from accessing the internet.

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Thanks for your reply. I haven´t used the tool before and the firewall seems also not to be the problem.

I was just able to log in and create a TTWT so the servers are up here at least. I don’t use the free version but that shouldn’t make a difference. What country do you live in ?

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Austria, where the Mookuhli roams.

Oh ok I seem to remember people from China having a hard time connecting from within Vital but that was some time ago and my memory may be faulty.