About analog wavetables loop point

Hi all!
The EchoSoundWorks Core wavetable collection has some really nice tables, and it’s free. But I found that the analog ones are chopped to the same length as the others, which I guess is normal and even required to keep the wavetables consistent. Link below:

My questions are:

  1. Is the abrupt ending of the analog wave cycle just the nature of analog pitch imperfection? (slightly lower or higher pitches caused the wavelengths to be longer or shorter than the digital ideal?)

  2. If the length was longer I could chop it to the correct zero-crossing point and re-adjust the window size in Vital to match. But what if it was shorter? (Maybe time stretch? So I will be basically pitch correcting them?)

  3. Are my worries really necessary? (I’m a digital nerd and an analog snob at the same time :smile: )