Ableton Plug-In Issue

I am having difficulty connecting Vital to Ableton as a plug-in. I went through the rescan process in the Preferences of Ableton, however it never popped up into my plug-ins list when I rescanned several times. Anyone know of what I can do to get Vital into my plug-ins folder?

Maybe you installed it in the wrong folder? Are both (VST2 & VST3) not installed in the right folder? Or are you on Apple? If you can find the Vital.dll copy it in the plugin folder. If it dosn’t work you have to deinstall it and check the path of your vst folders. You can rightclick on your installed an running vsts and then click “show in Explorer” then you see the path and you can copy the DLL in it or install it in there. Or you can have a look if it is already in there. Tell me if I could help you out. Hope it works. If you are on Apple someone else may help you :):sweat_smile: :call_me_hand: