Ableton not showing vital presets in searchbar

Hello, i made a noise in vital and now i wanna drag it into a granular synth but i cant save it as anything but a vital file, which ableton doesnt recognize. please help i cant find anything about this.

You can’t use .vital files as audio files, that’s not how it works. You’ll need to use Vital to turn a midi clip into an audio file. I’m not sure of this workflow in Ableton, but it should be as simple as just exporting a track with midi and vital on it.

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Saving in Vital only saves the patch, you’ll need to record the noises you’re making with the patch by some means.

Presumably you’ll need to either resample (or freeze and flatten) your clip to audio.

You can then drag the clip into ableton devices.
If it’s a third party granular synth, you may need to export your clip as a wav (export it as a sample) first.

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