Ableton 12 Tuning Files


I am using Vital Pro 1.5.5 and Ableton 12 Suite. Ableton 12 has tuning files that allow you to change the tuning of the entire project but vital is unresponsive to the changes in the piano roll for Ableton when new tunings are loaded. Doing some of my own research, Ableton stated to make sure MPE is enabled on 3rd party VSTs which I have done in the advanced tab of vital but it is still unresponsive. Is there a way I can make vital respect the tuning changes from Ableton or will I need to tune the synth in the advanced tab to make it correspond to the Ableton tuning? Any help would be appreciated.


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Good question, vital supports alternate tunings but it had the feature before ableton added theirs so I’m not sure it’s integrated
I think you might have to drag the tuning file to vital directly unless someone else on the forum has any tips (sorry don’t have 12 yet)

I appreciate the reply! Sadly I cannot pull the .ascl files from the core library into vital nor can I upload them from file explorer from the “upload custom tuning file” in the advanced tab of vital. Probably just something we will have to wait for an update for but I will continue trying to find a workaround in the meantime.

I greatly appreciate you.


Dang, maybe someone has converted the tuning files online from ableton? Long shot but maybe worth a google search

Good luck!

If you want to convert the .ascl file to a .scl file (vital will accept) go to Scale Workshop. You should be able to upload and or create a tuning file you want and export it to basically any file format - for completely free