Ableton 11 and Note specific Pitch Bend

Hi all, Vital is suppose to support MPE, but with Ableton 11 beta I can’t make it respond to the new “Note PitchBend” enveloppes. Any tips ?

A couple of details in the new MPE “game”

  • LIVE 11 does not auto detect VITAL as MPE enabled
    (see pic) user can “force” select

What MPE controller are you using?

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Hi and thank you for this fast and efficient answer, it now works perfectly. I’m not using any mpe controller but I think that writting separate automation and pitch bend for different note Is a amazing way of writting synth melody and is one of the major thing with Vital.

I have a new problem, very problematic, I tried to resized vital windows and I can only make it smaller, impossible to make it large again! ^^

Any idea ?

Easy :wink: upper left conner, then choose

edit: early days for Vital and its development… some “ruff” edges.

Couldn’t figure this out myself either, until I right-clicked to save the current configuration as the default and saw the MPE option in the menu :sweat_smile:

MPE isn’t just for compatible controllers, I’m pleasantly surprised to report, it’s nice for sliding indivdual notes in programmed pads, for example.